The Olbison stud

The olbison stud

Welcome to the Olbison stud site.

 IT IS WITH SOME SADNESS THIS STUD ENDED IN 2017 (hope to return in the future)

The Olbison Stud is a stud of Light Green Exhibition Budgerigars.

The stud was started around 1995 with just a couple of pet type birds, a few good out crosses and careful selective breeding have created a good quality bird the foundation and building blocks of my stud.


The stud as had some good wins around the Yorkshire area including best in show and multiple class wins at the BS world show.

I have used some top blood lines as out crosses such as Tickle, Pilkinson, Snell, Huxley & Marchant to name but a few.

All the birds in the stud have a full and traceable pedigree and are all BS ringed. 

  New for 2011 Lacewings

 exciting times I am curently working on a line of Lacewings.